Annar Rankings

College Football Computer Rankings

About the Rankings

The Annar Rankings are calculated by comparing yardage statistics (yards per game, yards per rush attempt, yards per pass attempt, etc.) of each team with the average yardage statistics from their opponents defense and comparing these numbers recursively until all teams are "connected". The Annar Rankings do not care who won the game, what the score was, turnovers, injuries, game location or special teams play. The rankings aren't a list of who the best football teams are from top to bottom but rather a list of what teams consistently outperform their opponents (and their opponents' opponents, etc.) average yardage stats. Don't take it to mean that because team X is rated #7 and team Y is rated #28 that team X would be the odds on favorite to win a head to head matchup because football games come down to more than who gains the most yards. It's not better or worse than any other ranking system but rather is meant to give some insights on the overall strenghth of teams assuming the turnovers average out, key players stay healthy, kickers don't shank short field goals and most importantly red zone offense and defense.